Are you one of those people who want to buy a ski rack but is confused about which one to buy? Well, we have a solution to your problem. Just like any other product in the market, the ski racks are available in different types. There are a few main types of ski racks. Below, in our article, we are going to discuss the important types of ski racks that can be bought by the people. We have also mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

If you truly want to buy the right type of ski rack for your vehicle, then you should consider reading our article. Without any further delay, let us begin!

Ski Racks

Roof Bar Ski Racks: The Roof bar ski racks are known to be one of the most popular types of ski racks available in the market. All the credit goes to the simplicity of the ski rack. The roof bar ski racks are compatible to be mounted on a wide variety of cars. Such ski racks are known to work better with the sports gears like snowboards. The roof bar ski racks can be mounted on sedans, SUVs, hatchbacks, minivans, 4×4 vehicles, pickup trucks, etc.


  • The roof bar ski racks can be installed very quickly.
  • The roof bar ski rack does not tend to obstruct the visibility of the rear and front window from the vehicle.
  • The roof bar ski racks have affordable pricing.
  • The roof bar ski racks also protect the skis from the winter road salts.
  • The roof bar ski racks allow the users to lock the rack, and this prevents the ski racks from theft.


  • Enhanced wind drag.
  • Increased noise when the vehicle runs at higher speeds, especially on the highways.
  • The roof rack bar ski racks get exposed to various weather conditions.

Hitch snowboard and ski racks: The Hitch snowboard and ski racks are extremely easy to use. Such ski racks are mostly mounted on the hitch receiver of the vehicle. A few cars come along with the hitch receivers as a standard such as SUVs, while other cars need the users to install the hitch receiver; otherwise, they cannot use hitch ski racks.


  • The hitch snowboard and ski racks are quite easy to mount.
  • Unlike the roof bar ski racks, the skis do not need to be lifted too high.
  • The hitch ski rack can hold multiple numbers of skis.
  • The versatility is high.


  • It can block the user’s access to the rear and trunk of the vehicle.
  • It has a tendency to diminish the car parking maneuverability.

4×4 snowboard and ski racks: The 4×4 ski racks are also known as the spar-tier mounted ski racks. It is extremely easy to install. However, the popularity of such ski racks is not too high. If the vehicle has a rear-mounted spare tire, then the 4×4 ski racks can prove to be a good choice.

That’s pretty much all about the major types of ski racks!

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