While beauty is something that we women go on talking about relentlessly; personal hygiene is something that most of the women avoid discussing. The reasons could be many from shyness to social embarrassment. Talking of feminine hygiene and not including intimate wash is like wanting a burger without cheese. Women are worried about the unpleasant odor and discharge from the vagina. That is the reason why most of them use an intimate wash.

However, there is a much more ideal property that the feminine wash assigns to your pubic region. It keeps your vagina fresh, healthy, and free from infection. Most of you might have bought a new intimate wash, and that’s the reason why you landed on this page. Many women are not aware of the proper technique of using the vulval washes. Let us look at the accurate procedure to use an intimate wash-

Right Intimate Wash

  • Make sure to clean your hands

Before starting the process, make sure to clean your hands. You might think that your hands are entirely clean; but, no! Even clean hands contain hundreds of bacteria. A thorough rinsing of hands is essential before it comes in contact with your vulvar region. Unclean hands can transfer the microbes to the vaginal area. These bacterias grow rapidly in the vagina due to favorable conditions. Therefore, clean hands can help to prevent infections.

  • Moisten your vulvar region

The best time to use the intimate wash it the shower time. It is because your body is already wet enough to glide the intimate wash/gel properly. However, if you fail to rinse your vulva during shower, you can do it any other time of the day. Make sure to moisten the vulva with warm water. Keep a note of the water temperature; it is not recommended to use hot water.

  • Take a small amount of soap/gel

Start with taking a small amount of wash gel on your palm. Mix it with some water to help it glide smoothly on the skin. If you are using a soap, do not rub it directly on the vulva. Rub the soap gently on your wet palms to form lather. Now, apply it on your vulva with light hands.

  1. Form a rich lather

Take a soft washcloth and rub it on the vulva gently. It helps in the formation of rich lather. It will assure you that the washing is adequate. Let it stay for a few minutes. It is not recommended to wash the vagina as the normal flora can get disrupted. It will cause a pH imbalance.

  • Rinse the vulva properly

After a few minutes, rinse the area with clean and warm water. Do not rub the area harshly to remove the foam. Once you are done rinsing, pat it dry with a soft cloth.

  • Wash your hands

After you finish washing the intimate region, do wash your hands again. It is a crucial step; the microbial flora of your private area is extremely exclusive. Lack of washing hands can transfer these bacteria from the vagina to the other parts of your body. It can cause infection if it comes in contact with the mucosa of mouth, eyes, or nose.

We hope you are ready to wash your intimates now. All the best!

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